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  1. The Transformational Communities workshop was presented by the American Press Institute with The Poynter Institute on Dec. 7 in Arlington, Va. Chuck Peters, CEO of The Gazette Co. in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, led participants in drafting plans to develop a sustainable role for newspapers in their communities. He was joined by presenters Jeff Sonderman, Dr. Trace Pickering and Amanda Styron.
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    @cpetersia: “You just can’t say to people, “You’re doing this and that’s not working so well, let’s do this.” #APITour
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    @cpetersia: “That old business model is not going to work. If you want to hold onto that, great, but it’s not a happy picture…” #APITour
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    @cpetersia: If we don’t achieve this transformation – engaging our community – then all the rest will fall by the wayside. #APITour
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    Definition of community: geographic or affinity? It’s more than that. #APITour
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    News orgs are figuring out we don’t have to hate each other, says @jeffsonderman. #APITour
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    “Coopetition” – cooperating with competitors for mutual benefit. #APITour
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    1/2 Keys to effective cooperation from @jeffsonderman: team building, personal relationships, trust, communcation … #APITour
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    Ugh. Sorry about typo in first tweet on keys to effective cooperation. It’s communication. #APITour
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    2/2 Last key to cooperation from @jeffsonderman: clarity. Specifically, w/roles, expectations, standards, ownership, credit. #APITour
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    Cooperation with bloggers: Someone needs to take the time to get to know them, says @jeffsonderman. #APITour
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    Instagram: more daily active users than Twitter. “Small audience, but really hardcore,” says @jeffsonderman. #APITour
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    @jeffsonderman lists Instagram strengths for journos: immediacy, emotion, personal, organized w/tags, searchable. #APITour
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    When using social media photos, says @jeffsonderman, ask permission, give credit and verify. #APITour
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    Reporters: Bring the audience with you. Example: 30-sec videos to supplement interviews/coverage. #APITour
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    @jeffsonderman urges #APITour attendees to get out of their comfort zone.
    Give audience control. Let readers choose, pitch stories.
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    Social media provide the “building blocks of news,” says @jeffsonderman. #APITour
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    “Tap ambitious and curious staff” to mine data, says @jeffsonderman. #APITour
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    @jeffsonderman explains native advertising: update on advertorials, w/ real content to help the brand but not sell out readers. #APITour
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    1/2 Why news leaders should do social media, per @jeffsonderman: understand the medium, get unfiltered feedback.
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    2/2 from @jeffsonderman on why news leaders should do social media: gain credibility, build relationships. #APITour
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    Closing advice from @jeffsonderman: “Get excited. That’s contagious. It comes from you. People really feed off that.” #APITour
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    What’s needed in the news biz: transformational shift from mostly analytical approach to more of a synthetic one, says @tracepick. #APITour
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    “We need to synthesize information because the world has drastically changed,” says @tracepick. #APITour
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    Want to answer the why questions? You can’t do that with analysis. #APITour
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    Egg example from @tracepick: If you don’t break it, it produces a chicken. If you don’t synthesize, you miss the other functions. #APITour
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    If we want to help our communities make sense of the world, we have to get away from analytical thinking. #APITour
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    Analysis gets us nowhere w/ today’s complex “wicked” problems, like energy needs, b/c there’s no one right answer, says @tracepick. #APITour
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    News orgs are still competent; their missions are still critical. But the game has changed and they must redesign. @mandastyron #APITour
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    Favorite engagement strategy of @mandastyron: coffee. “Go have lots and lots of coffee.” #APITour #Iheardthat
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    If we come off as just trying to sell, people will know that and they’ll go elsewhere. @mandastyron #APITour
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    Events are great, but community needs a daily spot to connect. Blogs are just one possibility. #APITour