1. mhendwv
    Yesterday, fitness boot camp. Today, online boot camp. #hsjTX

    Thu, Nov 15 2012 06:47:35
  2. mhendwv
    http://Imagur.com has “the fastest uploads I’ve ever seen,” @cwaugaman says. #hsjTX

    Thu, Nov 15 2012 07:27:46
  3. mhendwv
    “If you haven’t used SoundCloud, you’ve got to get” it for podcasts, @cwaugaman says. And I just did! #hsjTX

    Thu, Nov 15 2012 07:47:22
  4. mhendwv
    @cwaugaman on what users want from your site: “People have needs and desires, and you need to think about that.” #hsjTX

    Thu, Nov 15 2012 09:23:28
  5. mhendwv
    For saving time with site production, http://Weebly.com is an option. “ … It builds it fast,” says @cwaugaman. #hsjTX

    Thu, Nov 15 2012 11:40:12
  6. mhendwv
    @cwaugaman on jrn ed and tech skills: “One thing that’s a saving grace for journalism programs … is this teaching of technology.” #hsjTX

    Thu, Nov 15 2012 11:43:20
  7. mhendwv
    #2 from @cwaugaman on jrn ed and tech skills: “That is the best thing we teach – the idea of figuring out something for [yourself].” #hsjTX

    Thu, Nov 15 2012 11:48:56
  8. mhendwv
    “YouTube will teach you how to do everything in life,” says @cwaugaman. (Just use it wisely.)

    Thu, Nov 15 2012 11:52:26
  9. mhendwv
    WordPress app: Good for basics, not deep-dive site maintenance. “We’re talking about good, sound reporting,” says @cwaugaman. #hsjTX

    Thu, Nov 15 2012 12:42:12