Since season two of “Downton Abbey” ended a few days ago, I’ve watched the final episode twice and tried to ration my online reading of recaps and related content in order to ease slowly into the long, long waiting period for season three. One thing that hadn’t occurred to me until the other night, though, was taking to Twitter to feed my need for a Brit fix.

While I’ve regularly come across “Downton” stories via my Twitter feed, on this occasion I was introduced to “Matt Crawley’s Hair.” Cue a mental slap to the forehead (mine, not his – don’t want to disturb those blond locks). After all, I follow “The Dark Lord” and “Professor Snape” of “Harry Potter” fame, as well as “President Bartlet” from “The West Wing.” I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to search for “Downton” characters.

It’s made me think a bit about my overall approach to Twitter. I’m more of a follower than a tweeter, although I’m trying to get better about the latter. I follow several news organizations and journalists, but I’m quick to unfollow those who overload my feed – even when they’re really, really good at the whole Twitter thing, like NPR’s Andy Carvin. So, it seems I want news I can use and I want to be amused.

Too bad that “Matt Crawley’s Hair” will never work for Sir Richard Carlisle’s newspaper. It would be the best of both worlds.